Sales Producers: Convert More Leads Online Without Having To Become A Part-Time Social Media Marketer

The BOSS Social selling system
Turn Your Social Media Into Your Best Employees! 
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This 3-week high-impact training program requires the following:
  • You Must Want To Look Great Online: In this training, you will optimize your online presence so it works like an employee for you online. You must have or be willing to set up a few social media accounts.
  • You Must Want To Attract A Certain Type of Buyer: In this training, you will learn to identify your ideal buyer (if you don't already know), as well as identify their buyer's journey, so your social media can give them the exact content they're looking for online.
  • ​You Must Want To Understand Why People Buy From You: In this program, you will learn how to find out why your favorite clients buy from you, so you can use your strengths to attract more buyers just like them. Can you imagine if you could add even 5 more of your favorite types of clients to your book of business over the next few months?  
  • You Must Want to Generate Leads Online: In this training, you will learn how to generate leads online, as well as use social media to pre-identify potential referrals from your existing clients that match the characteristics of your ideal clients.
  • You Must Be Willing To Spend 1 Hour Per Work Day For 3 Weeks to complete this training. This requires work on your part. It is not a done for you program. 
  • You Must Want Your Social Media To Work For You Like An Employee: Upon completion of this program, you will have set up your social media to serve as your front lines online, to provide positive engagement experiences for every referral and prospect that checks you out online. 

The BOSS Social Selling System Gives You Everything You Need To Build A Powerful Online Presence, Attract Your Ideal Clients & Start Converting Leads Into Active Prospects 

Would You Like Brett To Guide You Through The Entire Process of Integrating Social Media Into Your Sales Process?

 BOSS Social Selling System

The #1 Social Media Sales Training Program For Insurance Sales Producers

  • Video Lectures & How-To Trainings
  • Complete Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Guidance Every Step of The Way
  • ​3-Week Training Program - Takes About 1 Hour Per Day
  • ​Stand Up Complete System In Less Than 1 Month
The BOSS Social Selling System is a 3-week training program that takes about an hour per day. Upon completion of this program, you will have set up a customized social media sales execution system that works! 

Would you like to look great online, attract your ideal clients and start engaging more qualified leads? You can!  In less than 30 days.  

Finally, a social selling system for the rest of us! 

Let's Break It All Down! 

What You Get In This 3-Week Impact Training Program

Week 1 - I Look Great Online!

The BOSS Social Media Marketing Program: The first thing your social media needs to do is WOW every prospect and referral that checks you out online! From Google searches to your LinkedIn profile, you can look great online after finishing week 1!

Week 2 - I Attract My Ideal Clients

The BOSS Social Leads Attraction Program: In week 2 you will identify who your ideal client is and why your favorite clients love you. We will then use these things to optimize your profile further and create online content that will resonate with and lead more of your ideal clients to you. 

Week 3 - I Am Social Selling

The BOSS Social Leads Conversion Program: Once you know your prospects and referrals will have a positive experience when they check you out online, and you've created an engagement experience that naturally attracts your ideal clients, you can implement a full on leads conversion system. This final week will show you how to generate more leads, get more referrals and use your online assets to convert them into appointments and customers. 

3 BONUS Items

To help you move faster and get even more out of this training, we've added 3 BONUS items. More details on these below! 

Let's Take A Closer Look! 

3-Week Training By Daily Modules

Week 1 (Valued at $1000)

I Look Great Online

The BOSS Social Media Marketing Program

You need to make a great first impression when your referrals and prospects check you out online! This week is all about making sure you look great every time! 

Week 2 (Valued at $1000)

I Attract My Ideal Clients

The BOSS Social Personal Branding Program

Personal Branding is all about understanding why your best clients chose you to serve them and clearly understanding their buyer's journey so you can give them the content they are looking for online. 

Plus, when you do it the BOSS Social way, you will also do it in such a way that they value you even more than the content and will seek after you to help them solve their problems. 

Week 3 (Valued at $1000)

I Am Social Selling

The BOSS Social Lead Conversion Program

When you know you look great online and your social media is working as a great employee to attract your ideal client, the only thing left to do is to drive more traffic to your online content and convert your leads into active prospects.

If social selling is a game, the first two weeks taught you the fundamentals, and this week teaches you how to play to win! 

Plus You'll Receive These 3 Bonus Items

With These Bonus Items, You Can Progress Even Faster! 

BONUS 1 (Valued at $500)

3 Workbooks, Time-Saving Tools & How-To Video Walkthroughs

  • Three Professionally Designed Training Workbooks to help you complete each lesson faster and with greater confidence
  • Online Tools & Resources to help you get what you need faster and make sure the content you create looks and feels professional even if you have zero design skills
  • Video Walkthroughs so you can see exactly which buttons to click as you complete the technical training

BONUS 2 (Valued at $500)

Exclusive Private Facebook & Linkedin Users Groups

  • Learn and from your peers in this private community for people just like you who are becoming the BOSS of their social
  • Share your wins with others and engage the group to get answers to your questions
  • Be a big part of two of the most innovative social selling groups on the Web

BONUS 3 (Valued at $1500)

Live Group QnA Sessions

  • You Won't Be Alone! Brett provides regular Live group QnA sessions with you and all of his students of this program to keep everyone moving forward.
  • Never Feel Stuck! Our goal is to make sure that we're always just a few clicks away in case you have questions.
  • Recorded so you can catch up if you miss a session! We know you can't always join us live, so we record each session so you can watch it later if you missed it or want to rewatch a session.
About Brett Allen &

"Any agent who wants leads pre-baked with TRUST needs to talk to Brett Allen. He's the insurance industry's wizard at social selling."

Michael Jans
Host of The Connected Insurance Podcast
Owner MJ Insurance Advisory
Phoenix, AZ

“Brett Allen’s class was one of the most informative classes I have taken. I had no idea what was at my disposal for all these years. Not only that, the class was fun! If you ever get the opportunity to go to a Brett Allen class, jump at it!”

Christopher Hawthorne
Regional Vice President
Cleary Insurance Inc.
Boston, MA

"Brett Allen is an expert at training independent agents to do digital marketing well. He’ll take you beyond what works, to help you understand the science and psychology behind why various marketing tactics succeed.” 

Dale Steinke
Director Independent Insurance Agency Marketing  
Programs Safeco Insurance | Liberty Mutual
Seattle, WA

"Brett's insight and instruction provided the guiding framework for setting up our agency website and social media. He is always an inspiring person to listen to, interact with, and learn from. He cares about helping you succeed."

Jason G.
Personal Lines Manager
United Insurance Services
Grand Rapids, MI

"Brett served as our lead social media and website optimization consultant. Through-out countless consultations, Brett has done an excellent job guiding our agents to improve their website and social media presence."

Nick Andrews
Channel Partner Marketing Manager
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Washington DC

“I have had the opportunity to work with Brett on multiple agency training events. Agents were excited, engaged, and remarked consistently that they were pleased with all of the immediately usable knowledge they gained from the sessions. Brett has been a great partner for our region.”   

Erin Parkinson
Regional Sales Executive at The Hartford 
Kansas City, KS

”Brett is wonderful to work with. I would not be where I am in my career without his guidance. Brett is an amazing teacher and has a way of engaging an audience and building lasting relationships with clients. He is enthusiastic, innovative and flexible.”

Stacie Cooper
Marketing Project Manager
Safeco Insurance
Seattle, WA

“Brett is the real deal. He really knows his stuff! Not only that, but he is a great trainer and presenter. He's funny and engaging, and has been a great help for me towards successful online marketing.”     

Cordelle Morris
Marketing Director at STC & 
Former VP Sales & Marketing at Leavitt Group
Cedar City, UT


After nearly a decade of consulting with and training 1000s of agencies and sales producers in 45 states, I discovered sales producers needed a simple and powerful blueprint for integrating social media into their sales process. 

Sure, there are many social media marketing solutions for agencies, but producers have been pretty much left on their own to figure all this stuff out. 

After scouring the market for a solution and finding nothing, I decided if I really wanted to help our industry, I needed to quit my cushy corporate job, as the Social Selling Director at a Fortune 200 company and offer the solution my clients really needed. I did and BOSS Social was born! 

If you are a sales professional and you want to integrate social media into your sales process without having to become a social media expert, this program is for you!  

The BOSS Social Selling System

  • Week 1: I Look Great Online (Social Media Marketing Program) 


  • Week 2: I Attract My Ideal Client (Leads Attraction Program) 


  • Week 3: I Am Social Selling (Leads Conversion Program) 


  • Bonus 1: Workbooks, Time Saving Tools & Video Walkthroughs


  • Bonus 2: Exclusive Private Facebook & LinkedIn User Groups


  • Bonus 3: Group Live Coaching Calls & QnA Sessions


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