Need A Social Media Manager?
Hire Brett Allen 
"For You" Social Media Management
Dear Agency Principal, 

Do you need a professional to set up and manage your agency's social media strategy? 

You may be in luck! I serve as the Social Media Manager for a few select businesses. I may be able to help you too! 

My "For-You" Social Media Manager service includes:
  • Complete Social Media Platform Management: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter
  • Social Content Strategy: Creation, curation & deployment of blog articles, social posts and videos
  • Leads Generation & List Nurturing: Lead magnets, sales funnels & email list management
  • Social Enablement: Train staff & sales producers to maximize agency reach & engagement
  • ​Social Sales Training: Train sales producers to increase their social selling capabilities (generate more leads)
Choosing Brett's "For-You" Social Media Management service is the fastest and most efficient way to add professional-level social marketing and social selling to your business. Plus, it may cost you less than hiring a full-time employee (see FAQs below for details). 

If now is the time to take your agency to the next level, let's talk!  Complete the form below to set up your discovery call. 

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Need A Social Media Manager?
Hire Brett Allen 
How Will Brett Allen Save You Money?
Choosing Brett Allen as your Social Media Manager typically cost less than hiring a full-time employee to the same position. Additionally, Brett provides social media management as a "for-you" service, so you do not have any of the normal employee-related expenses. 

Brett's rate is determined by a number of variables including the # of social platforms to be supported, # of store fronts to optimize, depth of your content strategy, # of lead magnets and frequency of emailing your list(s).  Brett bills monthly and agreements are for 12 months. 

Choosing Brett Vs. Hiring A Full-Time Employee
As a recognized social media expert and insurance training leader, Brett has extensive experience helping businesses leverage social media and the Web to facilitate growth. 

Brett spent nearly a decade working for Fortune 100 & 200 insurance carriers to develop, direct and maintain their social media marketing and social selling training and coaching programs for their independent agency partners. Brett has worked with agencies in over 45 states, large and small, and in both urban and rural settings. Brett has worked with many personal lines and commercial agencies. 

Prior to working in the insurance industry, Brett served as a web site developer and social media consultant for Realtors. Brett Allen served as an e-PRO Instructor for the National Association of Realtors, as well as the #1 CE technology trainer for the Washington Realtors Association. 

Brett has also served as a Lean expert for a Fortune 100. Brett actively incorporates Lean strategies into his social media management framework to increase value streams, decrease waste and optimize processes.  
Why Does Brett Require A 1-Year Commitment
Brett's "For-You" service includes the complete set up, optimization and execution of your agency's social media strategy for one year.  One year is required to fully integrate a professional level social strategy into a small business. 

If you want to shift management of your social media management to an in-house employee, Brett will work with you to help train his replacement so they can make a smooth transition after the 1 year contract ends. 
What Can I Expect To Pay?
This pricing guide is provided to help you estimate the investment required to execute a social media strategy that meets your unique requirements. 
Additional Options + Sales Producer Training
Brett provides additional services and training. These include:
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