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Before you hire a social media manager, be certain you know what to expect from them and how they will achieve and report their results to you. 

Whether you are looking to hire someone in-house, contracting a freelancer or retaining a 3rd-party provider, this executive summary gives you everything you need to own the vision for your Social Media Strategy and hire a qualified manager to execute it.  

And No Worries! You don't need to be a social media expert to oversee your company's social media strategy. In fact, you probably shouldn't be! 

You can see how to integrate your social media into your sales process to generate consistent revenue without having to learn a bunch of technical stuff. 
Want to know how top business owners in 2021 are using social media managers to assist their sales teams in identifying, engaging and converting prospects into new customers? Then download this FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY now! 

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About Brett Allen & BOSS Social

Brett Allen formed BOSS Social after helping 15K+ professionals in over 45 states use social media for selling on behalf of Fortune 100 & 200 orgs.

“Brett is the real deal. He really knows his stuff! Not only that, but he is a great trainer and presenter. He's funny and engaging, and has been a great help for me towards successful online marketing.”     

Cordelle Morris
Marketing Director at Southwest Technical College
& Former VP Sales & Marketing at Leavitt Group
Cedar City, UT

"Brett served as our lead social media and website optimization consultant. Through-out countless consultations, Brett has done an excellent job guiding our agents to improve their website and social media presence."

Nick Andrews
Marketing Manager at OverOps & Former Channel Partner Marketing Manager at Liberty Mutual
Washington DC

“Brett Allen’s class was one of the most informative classes I have taken. I had no idea what was at my disposal for all these years. Not only that, the class was fun! If you ever get the opportunity to go to a Brett Allen class, jump at it!”

Christopher Hawthorne
Regional Vice President at Cleary Insurance Inc.
Boston, MA

"Any agent who wants leads pre-baked with TRUST needs to talk to Brett Allen. He's the insurance industry's wizard at social selling."

Michael Jans
Host of The Connected Insurance Podcast
Owner MJ Insurance Advisory
Phoenix, AZ

"Brett's insight and instruction provided the guiding framework for setting up our agency website and social media. He is always an inspiring person to listen to, interact with, and learn from. He cares about helping you succeed.”

Jason G.
PL Manager
United Insurance Services
Grand Rapids, MI

"Brett Allen is an expert at digital marketing. He’ll take you beyond what works, to help you understand the science and psychology behind why various marketing tactics succeed.” 

Dale Steinke
Director Independent Insurance Agency Marketing  
Programs  at Safeco Insurance
Seattle, WA
Want to know how top business owners in 2021 are using social media managers to assist their sales teams in identifying, engaging and converting prospects into new customers? Then download this FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY now! 
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