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"Any agent who wants leads pre-baked with TRUST needs to talk to Brett Allen. He's the insurance industry's wizard at social selling."

Michael Jans
Host of The Connected Insurance Podcast
Owner MJ Insurance Advisory
Phoenix, AZ

"Brett Allen is an expert at training independent agents to do digital marketing well. He’ll take you beyond what works, to help you understand the science and psychology behind why various marketing tactics succeed.” 

Dale Steinke
Director Independent Insurance Agency Marketing  
Programs Safeco Insurance | Liberty Mutual
Seattle, WA

“Brett Allen’s class was one of the most informative classes I have taken. I had no idea what was at my disposal for all these years. Not only that, the class was fun! If you ever get the opportunity to go to a Brett Allen class, jump at it!”

Christopher Hawthorne
Regional Vice President at Cleary Insurance Inc.
Boston, MA

“So excited to say I completed the program and #iamthebossofmysocial!  I've seen success already from the things I have learned. I'm grateful for the tools to succeed going forward!”        

Samara D.
Producer at Legacy Insurance
Summersville, WV

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